Podcast 3 – The Devil is a Part-Timer Volumes 1-4

Show Notes

Hey there podcast listeners! On this episode we are discussing the first 4 volumes of the slice-of-life/action/supernatural battles light novel series The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Cast in this Episode

Justus R. Stone

Kyle C.

Jean-Luc (JL)


Topics Discussed


Rikako Akiyoshi interview on Justus’ YouTube Channel

J-Novel Club has a ton of new title announcements coming during Anime Expo

The light novel series Girly Air Force is getting an anime (a title not yet licensed in English)

Anime News Network has posted their Spring 2018 Light Novel Guide

Some controversy over the announcement of an anime for the light novel series [New Life+] Young Again in Another World

Goblin Slayer is getting a serialized spin-off

Cross Infinite World has licensed a new light novel series – Dawn of the Mapmaker: The Surveyor Girl and the Forbidden Knowledge

English Light Novels.com is hosting their annual summer reading program

Mari Okada’s autobiography is getting a live-action adaptation

Is Sol Press working on some new light novel titles?


Podcast 2 – That Time We Talked About Sword Art Online for 2 Hours

Show Notes

It’s time for the second episode of the Light Novel Podcast! This week, we’re talking about the first two arcs of Sword Art Online – Aincrad and Fairy Dance. We thought we should break this series up so the podcast didn’t go too long. And even with only talking about two parts of Sword Art Online, we managed to talk for two hours! Hope you all enjoy it and leave some comments!

Cast in this episode

Justus R. Stone




Topics Discussed

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is getting two light novels in December

J-Novel Club is offering their light novels in digital format to libraries

How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord is using some pretty naughty imagery

Sword Art Online – Aincrad

Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance

Sword Art Online Progressive

Accel World


Infinite Dendrogram

Podcast 1 – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Light Novel Podcast

Show Notes:

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first episode of the Light Novel Podcast! This episode is mainly an introduction to the voices you’ll be hearing in the future, what brought us into the light novel fandom, and some general thoughts on what light novels are, and why they matter!

Cast in this episode
Justus R. Stone
Jean-Luc (JL)
Kyle C

Topics Discussed in this episode

  • What got you interested in Light Novels?
  • What is a Light Novel?
  • Does a Light Novel have to be from Japan?
  • What do Light Novels give you that anime or manga don’t?

Series Mentioned in this episode

Spice & Wolf

No Game No Life

Accel World

Baka & Test


Arifureta From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

A Certain Magical Index

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon

I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

My Reincarnation as a Hot Spring in a Different World is Beyond Belief ~ It’s Not Like Being Inside You Feels Good or Anything!?

Using My God Skill “Breathing” to Level Up, I Will Challenge the Dungeon of the Gods