Episode 46 April Light Novel Licenses from J-Novel Club

Episode 46 light novel licenses from j-novel club ln podcast

In this episode of the Light Novel Podcast, we look at the light novel series recently licensed by J-Novel Club annonced on their April 2nd Twitch stream. There are 6 series in total, with a mix of fantasy, isekai, reincarnation and Slice of Life!


Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke: This Time I’m Gonna Tell Her How I Feel!
by Rhythm Aida with Illustrations by nauribon

The Sidekick Never Gets the Girl, Let Alone the Protag’s Sister!
by Toshizo with Illustrations by U35

Guide to the Perfect Otaku Girlfriend: Roomies and Romance
by Rin Murakami with Illustrations by Mako Tatekawa

The Emperor’s Lady-in-Waiting Is Wanted as a Bride
by Kanata Satsuki with Illustrations by Yoru Ichige

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire♀
by Hayaken with Illustrations by Nagu
英雄王、武を極めるため転生す ~そして、世界最強の見習い騎士♀~

Villainess: Reloaded! ~Blowing Away Bad Ends with Modern Weapons~
by 616th Special Information Battalion with Illustrations by Wuhuo

Episode 45 Emeth: Island of Golems

emeth island of golems ln podcast ep 45 website banner

In this episode, the light novel podcast talks about Emeth: Island of Golems. This fantasy adventure title is released official in English by Cross Infinite World. It was the Grand Prize Winner of the 3rd Square Enix Novels’ Award. The authors, Souki Tsukishima and Tora Tsukishima, have served as writers for games and novels, such as Final Fantasy Type 0 -The Last Truth-, Final Fantasy Agito, Imaginary Range, Root Double, Ingress the Animation, and more! For the Cross Infinite release of Emeth, they commisioned all new artwork by Mura Karuki.


TITLE: emeth: Island of Golems
AKA: emeth~人形遣いの島~ — “emeth~ ningyotsukai no shima ~”
AUTHOR: Souki Tsukishima, Tora Tsukishima
TRANSLATOR: Charis Messier
PUBLISHER (English): Cross Infinite World
RELEASE DATE (English): November 5, 2018
PURCHASE (Amazon.com): https://amzn.to/36rCJx0
PURCHASE (Google Play): https://bit.ly/3mrDIa4
PURCHASE (Bookwalker): https://bit.ly/31Oib26

PUBLISHER (Japan): Square Enix
RELEASE DATE (Japan): March 2007
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 1

SYNOPSIS: “Creating Life”—such power is blasphemy against God.

In emeth’s world, the manufacturing of Golems—automatic dolls that move according to human will—has become the norm. This sets the stage for an epic adventure against the backdrop of St. Rollins Archipelago, where the Torah Church presides over all creation and operation of these Golems.

Step into the story through the perspective of Cliff, a boy living in the slums of a Torah-controlled island who so fervently wants to become a Golem Tamer that he has begun to illegally build one. His mundane world is suddenly shattered one day when he crosses paths with a mysterious girl. This meeting sets the gears in motion for a thrilling journey involving powerful Golems, corruption, and the very fate of the island itself!

Episode 44 Spring 2021 Anime Adapted from Light Novels

The Spring 2021 anime season is upon us! In this episode of the Light Novel Podcast, we’re discussing the anime coming out this season that are being adapted from light novels!
Also in this episode, we welcome a new member to the podcast!

Cross Infinite World Licenses Romance of the Imperial Capital Kotogami

Cross Infinite World Licenses Apocalypse Bringer Mynoghra: World Conquest Starts with the Civilization of Ruin

The Slime Diaries
So I’m a Spider, So What?! Season 2
How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Omega
Super Club
Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life!
Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won’t Lose
Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway
The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent
I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level
Combatants Will Be Dispatched!
Pretty Boy Detective Club

Channel mascot, Ciel, artwork by Cetriya – https://www.youtube.com/user/tkawaii
🎼Music from Jukedeck – create your own at http://jukedeck.com

Episode 42 Seven Seas and Tentai Books Licenses

Hello Light Novel Podcast listeners! Wow, probably the fastest new episode ever! This time, the podcast is talking about new light novel licenses from Seven Seas and Tentai books! Amazingly, none of these three new titles are isekai or reincarnation stories! (cue celebratory music).

Isekai Video Links Bio Mentioned

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MWN1_we5Ig
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDBbQ96pm6s

Seven Seas
The Most Notorious “Talker” Runs the World’s Greatest Clan
Saikyou no Shienshoku “Wajutsushi” de Aru Ore wa Sekai Saikyou Clan wo Shitagaeru

The NPCs in this Village Sim Game Must Be Real!
Murazukuri Game no NPC ga Namami no Ningen to Shika Omoe Nai

Tentai Books
How to Melt the Ice Queen’s Heart
Kouri no Reijou no Tokashi Kata

Episode 39 – Kono Rano 2021 & New Licenses

light novel podcast ep 39 kono rano 2021 and new licenses blog

Hello Light Novel Podcast listeners! In this episode, we’re talking about some news that’s happened since our last episode. The 2021 edition of Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi (Kono Rano) was released. This yearly ranking of light novels is interesting for a number of reason! Also, we had J-Novel Club and Seven Seas announce some new series that they are bringing to English!


Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles getting an anime: http://bit.ly/3aw5myK


Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi 2021
Bunkobon List: http://bit.ly/3fs1lvW
Tankobon List: http://bit.ly/3nSOoy5
Top 10 Characters/Illustrators: http://bit.ly/3m4b5if

J-Novel Club Licenses: http://bit.ly/34seFvV

Seven Seas Announces Airship Imprint: http://bit.ly/38hz5c7
Airship Licenses: http://bit.ly/3h0LIMT

Episode 38 – There’s No Way a Side Character Like Me Could be Popular, Right?

episode 38 theres no way a side character like me could be popular right

Hello Light Novel Podcast listeners! In this episode, we are talking about Tentai Book’s premier title, There’s No Way a Side Character Like Me Could be Popular, Right? We’ll be keeping our discussion to just the first volume. This is a School Slice of Life Romance Comedy title. There will be SPOILERS!
We’re also covering some new licensing announcements from Yen On, Seven Seas, and Sol Press.


Square Enix Launches New Light Novel Label

Manga Planet Licenses Seven Yuri Super Light Novels

FAKKU Looking for Light Novel Translators

Seven Seas Licenses

Yen Press Licenses

Sol Press Licenses


TITLE: There’s No Way a Side Character Like Me Could be Popular, Right?
AKA: 友人キャラの俺がモテまくるわけないだろ? — “Yujinchara no Ore ga Motemakuru Wakenaidaro?”
AUTHOR: Sekaiichi – 世界一
ILLUSTRATOR: Tomari – トマリ
TRANSLATOR:” Alejandro de Vicente Suárez
PUBLISHER (English): Tentai Books
RELEASE DATE (English): May 29, 2020
PURCHASE (Amazon.com): https://amzn.to/3fkJJBE
PURCHASE (Google Play): https://bit.ly/3mj5l4X
PURCHASE (Bookwalker): https://bit.ly/35yQKw9

PUBLISHER (Japan): Overlap Bunko
RELEASE DATE (Japan): July 25, 2019
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 3

“I just love you sooooooo much, Senpai!”

My name is Tomoki Yuuki, a second-year student in high school. I’d say I’m a fairly normal student, save for the fact that everyone avoids me like the plague because I apparently look like I’m out for blood. Ike Haruma is the only one that doesn’t steer clear of me. He’s your typical ‘perfect guy’ in every sense; the protagonist with no real flaws that you see in any given story.

Life at school was going on as usual… until one day Haruma’s super popular little sister confesses to me out of the blue?! Though she later clarifies that her feelings toward me are anything but romantic and that she has an ulterior motive, I end up accepting my new role as ‘fake boyfriend’ as a favor to Haruma.

Believe it or not, the moment I start going out with her, Haruma’s idol-tier childhood friend and my super hot teacher get involved with me too!

Wait a minute, this can’t be a dream rom-com scenario setting itself up for me, can it?! I mean, there’s no way a side character like me could be popular, right?

Episode 37 – October Light Novel Licenses

episode 37 october light novel licenses

Hello Light Novel Podcast listeners! In this episode, we are talking about the 13! light novel licenses that were announced in the past 2 weeks. There are new titles coming from Tentai Books, Cross Infinite World, Yen On, and J-Novel Club. Overall there is a decent variety with the usual Isekai and fantasy titles, but also some Yuri and Hard Sci-Fi! Hopefully there will be a title that you will be excited to read!


Yen Press Announces the Sword Art Online Platinum Collector’s Edition



Tentai Books License


Cross Infinite World Licenses




Yen On Licenses (including Haruhi Suzumiya news)


J-Novel Club Licenses