Episode 21 The Isekai Game

Hey there Light Novel Podcast listeners! We’ve been doing this podcast thing for over a year now, so on this episode we decided to do something totally different! We’re playing a game that was created by a few of our member. I’ll post the rules and options under the “Main Discussion” header.


Justus R. Stone
Kyle C.


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Light Novel Podcast Anniversary Edition

The following document will explain the rules of the isekai trade game.

  1. Each player will use a Discord Dice Bot to draw a power on the power chart. Afterall, when we are transported to an isekai, by the rule of anime tropes, we get a special power that might be useful or not. Life isn’t always fair nor is isekai.
  2. Each player will throw the discord dice to draw a goal form the goal chart.
  3. Each player will throw the discord dice to draw a set of three Light Novel Characters to accompany him in attaining his goal.
  4. Because randomness can be harsh, we’ll then do some negotiation rounds to exchange some of our allies in order to get a team better suited for our goal. We’ll start with 50 Light Coin that we can bet during the negotiation phase in addition to our characters.
  5. After 20 min. we close the negotiation rounds and we try to see if our goal is attainable with our current team and why. If it is judged unanimously attainable, that player receive 5 points. Players that did not achieve their goals receive 10 Light coins.
  6. We then draw another goal and proceed to another round of negotiation.
  7. When we are done with 3 or 4 goals, we divide the number of Light coin by 10 and add the number to our points. The player with the most points wins.

Isekai Power Table

1Similar body with cosmetic change and kick-ass martial arts
2Magical protective force field
3Able to speed read 500 pages in five minutes
4Controlling shadows, cover an area with darkness, moving from shadow to shadow
5Shape change self or others, 1 person at a time, from cat to horse in term of size.
6Unlimited Light Novel Works (summons countless light novels from the heavens)
7A stand representing your worst nightmare that let you stop time
8Perfect illusion, limit of 1 hour total per day
9Recording Magic AKA Craig (Give an awesome voice with ability to record and replay any sound or conversation)
10You’re stuck with Aqua
11Turn water into alcohol at will
12Produce fortune cookies at will (Isekai people will believe whatever is written on it, but they need to eat good chinese food first)
13Appraise anything by tasting it
14the ability to negate other  abilities or magic by touch
15the ability to create life from nothing
16the ability to feel sensations and emotions of people within 1 mile or 1.6km radius of you.

Adventuring Goal Table

1Farm food to keep a village from hunger during a very harsh canadian winter.
2Explore and document the world to find the meaning of life
3Defeat the Demon Lord and his army (destroying the castle is a bonus)
4Escape from the 100th floor of a Living Dungeon
5Satisfy the taste buds of otherworldly mass with your abilities
6Ascend to Godhood in any way possible
7Catch every Pokemon and be the best team of Pokémon trainer like no one ever was
8Steal from the rich and give to the poor and return the balance of order.
9Invent and bring a new sport to life and success worldly
10Reclaim three powerful artefact and start a museum
11Make a million gold piece in a month
12Return to your original world with lots of isekai gift for your friends
13Start and form an  kingdom/empire 
14Save as many village from invading cabbage as you can and eat them all within a week or they’ll spoil
15find books on every subject available and then open up a library 
16Usurp the throne of a just King in any way possible without causing a riot
17Gather a harem that includes a girl of every race of that world (Allies count)
18Expose the traitor infiltrating the court of the kingdom hosting you.
19start a philosophy podcast in the new world.
20Travel around the world having fun
21become the greatest warrior that ever lived in the world 
22start a cult
23settle down and start a family for yourself 
24start a band
25destroy all life and existence including yourself when your done.

Light Novel Character List

1Emi YuusaDevil Part-Timer
2EucliwoodZombie desu ka
4Ayanakoji KiyotakaClassroom of the Elite
5Goblin SlayerGoblin Slayer
6Shizuo HeiwajimaDurarara!
7KatharinaMy next life as a villainess : All route leads to doom
8HoloSpice and Wolf
9Yuji Sakamoto Baka and test 
10Tanya Von DegurechaffSaga of Tanya the Evil
11AcceleratorMagical Index
12KumokoSo I’m a Spider, so what?
13AkatsukiLog Horizon
14MamakoMommy Isekai
15Kazuya SoumaRealist Hero
16Akatsuki KojoStrike the Blood
17Will G. MarybloodFaraway Paladin
18Kaoru NagasePotion Girl
19Roroa AmidoniaRealist Hero
20NaofumiShield Hero
21Lucia SatowaShishunki na Adam
22Issei Hyoudouhigh school dxd 
23Basara Tōjō the testament of sister new devil
24Darkness Konosuba
25SuimeiThe magic in this other world is too far behind
26vali luciferhigh school dxd 
27Renko Psychome
28Stephanie DolaNo Game No Life
29Yahiro Takigawa (Lars) 
the testament of sister new devil
30Hajime NagumoArifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest
31roure monster
32Hideyoshi Kinoshitabaka and test 
33BoxxoReborn as a Vending Machine
34Kanie SeiyaAmagi Brilliant Park
35Koyomi AraragiMonogatari
36Dvampire hunter D
37Sadao MaouDevil Part-Timer
38Aria Holmes Kanzaki
Aria The Scarlet Ammo
Sen Yarizui 
40Kurumi Tokisaki date a live 
41Rory MercuryJapanese nationalism the light novel 
42Charlotte DunoisInfinite Stratos
43Rikka TakanashiLove, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
44Ken SugisakiSeitokai no Ichizon
45Taiga AisakaToradora!
46Enju AiharaBlack Bullet
47Reinhard von LohengrammLegend of Galactic Heroes
48Yang Wen-liLegend of Galactic Heroes