Podcast 1 – That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Light Novel Podcast

Show Notes:

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first episode of the Light Novel Podcast! This episode is mainly an introduction to the voices you’ll be hearing in the future, what brought us into the light novel fandom, and some general thoughts on what light novels are, and why they matter!

Cast in this episode
Justus R. Stone
Jean-Luc (JL)
Kyle C

Topics Discussed in this episode

  • What got you interested in Light Novels?
  • What is a Light Novel?
  • Does a Light Novel have to be from Japan?
  • What do Light Novels give you that anime or manga don’t?

Series Mentioned in this episode

Spice & Wolf

No Game No Life

Accel World

Baka & Test


Arifureta From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

A Certain Magical Index

Reborn as a Vending Machine I Now Wander the Dungeon

I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

My Reincarnation as a Hot Spring in a Different World is Beyond Belief ~ It’s Not Like Being Inside You Feels Good or Anything!?

Using My God Skill “Breathing” to Level Up, I Will Challenge the Dungeon of the Gods