Podcast 2 – That Time We Talked About Sword Art Online for 2 Hours

Show Notes

It’s time for the second episode of the Light Novel Podcast! This week, we’re talking about the first two arcs of Sword Art Online – Aincrad and Fairy Dance. We thought we should break this series up so the podcast didn’t go too long. And even with only talking about two parts of Sword Art Online, we managed to talk for two hours! Hope you all enjoy it and leave some comments!

Cast in this episode

Justus R. Stone




Topics Discussed

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is getting two light novels in December

J-Novel Club is offering their light novels in digital format to libraries

How NOT to Summon A Demon Lord is using some pretty naughty imagery

Sword Art Online – Aincrad

Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance

Sword Art Online Progressive

Accel World


Infinite Dendrogram