Episode 24 A Sister’s All You Need

Light Novel Podcast episode 24 a sister's is all you need

Welcome to another episode of the Light Novel Podcast! In this episode, we’re discussing the light novel series A Sister’s All You Need. It’s released officially in English by Yen On.



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TITLE: A Sister’s All You Need
JAPANESE TITLE: 妹さえいればいい。 “Imouto sae Ireba ii.”
AUTHOR: Yomi Hirasaka
PUBLISHER (English): Yen On
TRANSLATOR: Kevin Gifford
RELEASE DATE (English): May 22, 2018
PURCHASE (Amazon.com): https://amzn.to/2pkuVxL
PURCHASE (Book Depository): http://bit.ly/2vJG6Cu
PURCHASE (iBooks): https://apple.co/2XamMa9

SYNOPSIS: Itsuki Hashima is a novelist who’s hopelessly enamored with the idea of little sisters and is constantly surrounded by colorful characters. A world class genius and love-guru who’s beauty almost seems a waste on her. A girl who’s constantly troubled by her friendships, love interests, and can’t even find refuge in her dreams. A ridiculously talented illustrator. Each of them have as many problems and worries as the next and they never have a dull day together as they play games, travel, and work together. From the same author of the famous I Don’t Have Many Friends, Yomi Hirasaka!

PUBLISHER (Japan): Gagaga Bunko (Shogakukan)
RELEASE DATE (Japan): March 18, 2015
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 13
ANIME SERIES: Yes. Adapted Volumes 1-3 with content from volumes 4 & 5 https://amzn.to/32Uuwkb
MANGA: Yes. Not licensed for English Release

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