Episode 45 Emeth: Island of Golems

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In this episode, the light novel podcast talks about Emeth: Island of Golems. This fantasy adventure title is released official in English by Cross Infinite World. It was the Grand Prize Winner of the 3rd Square Enix Novels’ Award. The authors, Souki Tsukishima and Tora Tsukishima, have served as writers for games and novels, such as Final Fantasy Type 0 -The Last Truth-, Final Fantasy Agito, Imaginary Range, Root Double, Ingress the Animation, and more! For the Cross Infinite release of Emeth, they commisioned all new artwork by Mura Karuki.


TITLE: emeth: Island of Golems
AKA: emeth~人形遣いの島~ — “emeth~ ningyotsukai no shima ~”
AUTHOR: Souki Tsukishima, Tora Tsukishima
TRANSLATOR: Charis Messier
PUBLISHER (English): Cross Infinite World
RELEASE DATE (English): November 5, 2018
PURCHASE (Amazon.com): https://amzn.to/36rCJx0
PURCHASE (Google Play): https://bit.ly/3mrDIa4
PURCHASE (Bookwalker): https://bit.ly/31Oib26

PUBLISHER (Japan): Square Enix
RELEASE DATE (Japan): March 2007
VOLUMES RELEASED (Japan to Date): 1

SYNOPSIS: “Creating Life”—such power is blasphemy against God.

In emeth’s world, the manufacturing of Golems—automatic dolls that move according to human will—has become the norm. This sets the stage for an epic adventure against the backdrop of St. Rollins Archipelago, where the Torah Church presides over all creation and operation of these Golems.

Step into the story through the perspective of Cliff, a boy living in the slums of a Torah-controlled island who so fervently wants to become a Golem Tamer that he has begun to illegally build one. His mundane world is suddenly shattered one day when he crosses paths with a mysterious girl. This meeting sets the gears in motion for a thrilling journey involving powerful Golems, corruption, and the very fate of the island itself!